Where to Find Help Starting a Business


You will likely need help starting a business when planning a new venture, no matter how experienced you are in your industry or profession. There are many organizations that you might need to get in contact with. For example, you might wish to register a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

You might want to learn how to set up a simple website so you can edit it frequently. It might be necessary for you to seek funding support from various organizations. You might begin to have lots of questions about starting a business.

When you need help starting a business, where should you go to find help?

What are the Risks of Starting a Business?

There are many risks of starting a business. You could face financial losses especially if the start-up funds consist of your personal contribution. The organizational structure you choose for your business affects how at risk your personal assets are. You might become personally responsible for a significant loan for example, if your business folds. Alternatively, a Limited Liability Company protects your personal assets should your business close.

Another one of the risks of starting a business is the potential loss of reputation if your new business fails and you then find it difficult to gain employment in your field. For example, a dentist whose practice folds might find it challenging to find work as a partner in another practice and have to take a dip in career progression.

A successful business can make a work-life balance challenging especially if you end up working long hours. 

It is also important to follow regulations. You need to file paperwork within the time frames given when incorporating your business. You will also need to adhere to licensing criteria and policies.

Where to Find Help Starting a Business

The help available for starting a small business will depend on several factors, including your location, niche, sector, etc. It can also depend on other social factors such as age, gender, or history. 

Mentoring Schemes

A mentoring scheme can be a great way to get help starting a business from someone with experience. Depending on how they plan to support you, they may or may not have worked in your field. They may provide financial mentoring or help support a specific aspect, such as pitching or putting together a good business plan. A mentor can help boost your confidence, especially when starting a business for the first time.

Government Websites

Government websites can help you find out about a whole host of programs, resources, and centers that you can find out more about and then get in contact with if they are relevant to you. They can provide a lot of helpful information, such as funding information.

Commercial Websites

Many well-known websites provide vast knowledge via blogs, webinars, and YouTube Videos. You can find advice on many topics like marketing, search engine optimization, hiring staff, etc. There may be additional charges, and you will likely have to provide your email for a white paper, for example.

Commercial Courses

Online courses are abundant across many sectors and industries. You can take online courses in many different aspects. You might wish to take a traditional business or accountancy course. Or you might want to focus on an online course to expand your skills in your chosen niche. Like advanced floristry if you wish to open a florist store.


Consider when you might require professional help starting a business, for example, an accountant or business consultant. 

If you are looking for help with forming your business or registering a trademark then there are options. You could research the process yourself which can be time-consuming. You could hire a business attorney, which can be both time-consuming and expensive. There are also online services, but costs can mount, and they might not include everything you need. 

The Legal Stepz courses take you through the process so you can easily file your business documents yourself. It can be done in a reasonable amount of time following the video and accompanying workbook, and is affordable as well.

Friends & Family

You might have friends or family members who can be helpful to you when starting your business. Perhaps a relative has management experience and can offer you advice when selecting candidates to interview. You might have a friend working in IT who can advise you on website platforms. Seek advice and support from qualified friends and family.

Final Word: Where to Find Help Starting a Business

Starting a business can appear overwhelming at times, but there are plenty of places to find help and support available. You can find help starting a business on your local Government website, on commercial websites, and from professionals. You might want to consider finding a mentor to support you and boost your confidence. 

For business legal tasks like forming a Limited Liability Company or filing a Trademark take a look at the Legal Stepz courses for an easy way to file your business documents yourself.


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