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You have decided to form a new business and have your plans in place. The next important step is to form a corporation, but what are your options? You could go to a business formation lawyer, but the fees are typically over $1500.00. This is going to place significant pressure on your start-up funds.

Alternatively, you could go to an online paralegal to file your business legal documents but this can still be costly. You could have to pay $500 to $1000 for online legal services which is only a small saving from a lawyer and the services are varied.

It is possible to file your business legal documents using a DIY style book or a publisher like Nolo to access legal papers and documents. These will explain how to file your business documents. However, you may have to read vast numbers of papers to get all the information you need and without being an attorney, this could be confusing.

Legal Stepz offers an alternative option. In this article, we find out how.

Easily File Your Business Legal Documents

Legal Stepz can help you create business legal documents without hiring an attorney locally or online. The course includes step-by-step videos that show you how to file your business legal documents.

Doing the Legal Stepz course will also mean you don't need to search for legal information yourself, which could take up a lot of time and be very confusing. The course is significantly cheaper than hiring a business formation lawyer, so it will also help save money. These funds can be allocated instead to other essential start-up expenses.

Reviewed By A Business Formation Lawyer

The Legal Stepz course has been reviewed by a business attorney to give you confidence in the process. Over 30 years of legal experience have gone into the materials to make the process as easy and thorough as possible.


How long can you run a business before registering?

You should register your business with your state and county register before starting your business. It is important to make sure your business name is available.

Can you incorporate yourself?

When you start a new business you will need to form a corporation. There are lots of options including an attorney, online incorporation and do it yourself. If you decide to corporate your business yourself the Legal Stepz course can guide you through the process.

What is incorporation?

Incorporation is the legal process of setting up a business or company as a corporation.

Final Word

Legal Stepz was created to help you form business legal documents without an incorporation lawyer. Instead of hiring an attorney, either in California or online, which can be expensive, or trying to work out the process yourself without legal knowledge, you can follow the step-by-step video in this course.

There are three courses available from Legal Stepz: our Incorporation Course, Trademark Course and LLC course. Each of these courses can be an excellent way to get your business registered while saving money and time.

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