Five Ways to Build Trust With Customers

Five Ways to Build Trust With Customers

There are many ways to build trust with customers, such as offering reliable products, cost-effective services and excellent customer service. Your customer services team should listen to customers and respond to feedback to build loyalty. Having clear policies and procedures for your company can also help with certainty for staff and customers. 

But, there are other ways to build trust with your audience that you might not have considered before. So, here are five great additional ways to build trust with customers.

Why Build Trust?

Trust is essential for a successful business. Even if you offer a single product or service with few repeat customers, you still need to build trust to gain new customers. 

If you expect to have long-term customers, gaining their trust will help with customer retention and profits. Building trust often centers around the products, services, and customer services but here are five additional ways to build trust.

How to Build Trust

Here are some of the suggestions to build trust with an audience.

1. Incorporate or Become an LLC

Choosing a legal business entity such as an LLC or corporation demonstrates your commitment to the business when compared to a sole proprietorship. If you form your business as a corporation, you are even more likely to be considered by investors.

The abbreviation of limited or corp after a business name can indicate to customers that they are dealing with a professional business.

2. Get a Business License

When looking to build trust with customers, a business license is another great way to do so. Usually, businesses have to go through rigorous testing and pass a set of stringent criteria to achieve their license, especially for top ratings.

The business owners will usually also be expected to have achieved certification such as food hygiene or safety courses.

3. Join a Trade Body

By joining a trade body, you will indicate to customers that you are a professional who wants to stay at the top of their game. A trade body will help you keep up to date with legislation and training and enable you to network with other professionals in the same industry as you.

Trading bodies often have a logo you can use to advertise your membership which can help build trust with your customers. They might also offer a referral service, so the relationship can benefit you in more ways than one.

4. Get Reviews

Reviews are one of the best ways to build trust. You can request reviews from a variety of places. You can automate your review requests to make the process smoother and there are a variety of apps you can use to help enhance the process. 

It’s a good idea to respond to reviews whether they are positive or negative. You don’t need all 5-star reviews, this can have a negative effect as it can seem as though you are untrustworthy. While you want to achieve lots of five-star reviews, research has found that the ideal rating for a product/service is 4.2 to 4.5 stars for maximum trust.

Add a testimonial page to your website to highlight your reviews. You can also use a plugin to show reviews from other locations.

5. Use Videos in Marketing

Videos are another great way to showcase your expertise. Come up with a regular video schedule to build a following. You can embed YouTube videos into your website so they don't slow it down. 

Videos are a great way for your experts to demonstrate their skills and how great your products are. For example, if you sell craft items, you can produce a weekly video demonstrating how to create something from the supplies you have in your store. Or, if you are a builder, you can demonstrate how you do a particular task.


Why build trust with customers?

If you can build trust with customers they are more likely to return to your store and engage in word-of-mouth marketing. Ultimately, building trust will help improve cash flow and increase profits.

Can a better position on Google build trust with audiences?

Yes, website visitors tend to visit the stores that feature within the top three spots of a search as they are seen as more trustworthy.

Does incorporation help build trust with audiences?

Yes, incorporating your business demonstrates your commitment to the business, in comparison to a sole proprietorship. 

Final Word: Five Ways to Build Trust With Customers

There are many ways to build trust with customers. Provide great services and products and excellent customer service. Share testimonials and collect reviews from happy customers. Then demonstrate your expertise with videos, blog posts, and trade body membership. 

Finally, consider which legal business entity you wish to operate as. Setting up your business as a corporation or LLC can demonstrate greater commitment to your business than a sole proprietorship. Check out the Legal Stepz website to find out more.


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