How to Make Iconic Logos


To become a household brand, you need to know how to design the next iconic logo. When you have created your business plan, one of the first tasks you will need to do is create a great logo.

One way to get inspiration for the best logo, is to research brand logos of household names. When you go through a series of logos, you will likely recognize many of them, even if you don’t personally use the brand, and you can start to get an idea of the design features that are common features of successful logos. 

Why is a Logo so Vital?

Your brand name and logo are the first two aspects that potential customers will see about your brand. A great logo is essential for business success. Logos can adorn products, shop signs, promotional materials, uniforms, etc. A good logo will help with marketing and encourage new customers to your brand. To become an iconic logo, it needs to have an instant impact on people and be memorable to help with customer retention.

What Makes the Best Logos?

Many features make the best logo. One of the key features across many household brands is a simple design that's instantly recognizable. Many of the most successful brands can tell a story behind the Logo. This gives a sense of place to the logo and gives it a reason for existence. 

Take the Nike logo, the swoosh is supposed to look like the wing of the Goddess of Victory. This is ideal for premium sportswear that you want winners to wear. It was also supposed to reflect speed, much like the stripes of the Adidas sports brand logo. 


You will notice that a lot of iconic logos use only one or two colors. Many brands use red in their logo which suggests excitement. Some brands choose to use a couple of colors in their logo like FedEx and Pepsi. They use bright, bold colors, like blue and red, and blue with orange. 

Other brands choose a color that matches the story behind their logo. Take Starbucks, for example, which has a mermaid for its logo and uses a green color in keeping with the nautical theme. This is in comparison to other coffee brands that use black, red, and dark brown in their logos.

Brand Name

Iconic logos tend to be quite simple. Many brands use just their name as their logo, like Coca-Cola and Netflix for example. Their logos are in a stylized bold red font.

Easy to Recognize

Your logo should be instantly recognizable and must stand out. Take the London Underground, for example, the sign is well known and everyone knows where they are when they see the sign at the top of the underground. 

Another instantly recognizable sign is The Red Cross. The Red Cross symbolizes medical personnel, equipment and protects them during armed conflict and humanitarian crises. 

Easy to Replicate Across Media

Apple is a great example of an iconic logo that works across all media. It looks good both on the phone and laptop and also looks great on the screen. This icon was chosen as it has many meanings. 

Looks Good on all Sizes

An ideal logo will sit well in all sizes, from a giant billboard to the tiny favicon, which is the little picture next to your web address that shows in the search bar. Some of the most well-known brands get that way because their logo is everywhere. 

It needs to look great on uniforms, leaflets, and products. Think about how Mcdonald's places its logo on its signs to grab attention as people drive past. Then consider it on their menus, on the uniform, and on their packaging. 


How much for a logo design?

Logos generally cost anything up from $500. If this is combined with rebranding, it can cost several thousand pounds. 

How to copyright a logo

You can trademark a logo by registering your use of the trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The Legal Stepz trademark course can help you register your trademark with step-by-step instructions to help you file your trademark yourself. 

What makes a good logo successful?

A good story behind your logo, bold colors, and a memorable design are all key to producing an iconic design.  

Final Word: How to Make Iconic Logos

When you are starting a new business, you need to produce an iconic logo that is eye-catching, memorable, and ideally says something about your brand. If you have not already formed your business, take a look at the Legal Step courses on incorporation, forming an LLC, or registering a Trademark. The workbook and accompanying video will help you work through business formation with ease.


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