California requires a Statement of Information filing in order to complete the process of incorporating or forming a limited liability company in California. The Statement may be filed electronically. The Statement is due within 90 days of filing your initial corporation or limited liability company. There is a fee of $25 for a corporation or $20 for an LLC. The statement indicates the headquarters address, the registered agent for the corporation or limited liability company. Corporations need to include a list of the officers and directors of the corporation and signed by an officer. If the statement of information is not filed in the first 90 days, then the Secretary of State of California will notify you and give you more time.  Eventually if the form isn't filed you will be penalized $250. If still not filed then the Secretary of State will increase the penalty for not filing to $400.00. If the form is still not filed then the California Secretary of State will suspend your entity. The consequences of suspension are significant.  If suspended you are no longer a valid entity meaning you cannot defend yourself in a lawsuit or be the plaintiff in any lawsuit. You cannot conduct business as a suspended entity. Further your entity name is now available for another person to use. The easiest way to avoid any problems is to file the initial statement of information. Yearly you should file your statement of information as required.


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